Information on Fingertips

If you have a smartphone, there is a good possibility you’ve installed or occasionally utilised an app. Mobile applications are software programmes created specifically for platforms like smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. You can download the application to your device, which is intended to give users instant access to resources whether or not there is an internet connection. There are more applications being made expressly for healthcare. Fitness, general health, prescription information, illness management, telemedicine, and clinical workflow are just a few of the wellness-related topics covered by mobile health applications available on the market. Even for individuals who are not tech-savvy, these are often straightforward and simple to use, accessible for free or at a low cost.

Applications for healthcare in general provide a variety of features, including the ability for patients to arrange data, appointments, and prescriptions into a personal domain that is simple to access. Others give patients immediate access to all their EMRs integrated with one spot, which automatically updates with new data, such as medical records, prescription drugs, allergies, previous surgeries and procedures, vital signs, weight changes, and glucose readings. Applications for improving clinical workflow simplify data management and communication for nurses and other healthcare professionals in the clinical context.

At Origin, we have developed a few mobile health apps, namely Doctor App, Home Nursing App, and Patient App with some new modules, features, and functionalities that are already in our development pipeline. Contact us for more info about our latest release of Origin Mobile Health Apps (MHA).