Origin will plan and manage the project together with our customers by adopting the necessary Project Management practices deemed necessary to achieve the project’s objectives. Origin will also coordinate overall project activities with our customers in providing support, change management and
communications throughout the project duration.

As part of Origin’s implementation service, Origin will provide system training to IT system administrator, trainer and users. Origin will develop the training documentation and user guides of the new system which will be used in this training. Origin will also provide guidance and support to our
customers in the installation and setup of the new system. This will include the setting up or creation of the security matrix, user group and user IDs.

Finally, as part of Origin’s responsibilities, Origin will also design and perform system configuration, including documentation of final blueprint and system configuration. We will conduct integration test as part of the Project Quality Management process, as well as coordinate User Acceptance Test (UAT) and support key users in performing the UAT.