Enhance security and access to medical records

In practice, having considerably more control over information security is one of the benefits of utilizing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. These are the top five security advantages of EMR over paper ones.

  • Only Allow Authorized Users Access – It is simpler for someone to gain access to your patient’s medical records without your awareness if they are stored on paper. You can carefully regulate who gets access to patient records by using an EMR system. Additionally, it is now easier to share the electronic copy of the patient’s record with other interested parties.
  • Information Security Using Encryption – A paper record is readily accessible, making it possible for anybody to view it, capture details, create a copy, or even scan or fax the data to a third party. Contrarily, strong encryption techniques may be used to secure electronic records, protecting sensitive patient data from snoopers.
  • Avoid Tampering – Paper records can be changed in ways that might be hard to spot. Encryption and robust password and login protection for electronic medical records make it far more difficult for an outsider to make unauthorized changes to the patient’s record.
  • Audit Trails – You can easily ascertain who has accessed a patient’s records and if the access was permitted with the use of an EMR system. In contrast to paper records, which may be difficult to monitor, an audit will reveal any instances of data being accessed that they must not be.
  • Disaster Recovery – Making sure that the information will be accessible in the worst-case circumstances is a necessary step in keeping your patients’ records safe.