Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

The term “computerized physician order entry” (CPOE) refers to the practice of healthcare practitioners inputting and transmitting treatment instructions, such as prescriptions for drugs, lab tests, and radiology orders, using a computer program as opposed to a paper record, fax, or phone call.

CPOE provides several advantages:

  • CPOE can at the very least assist your physicians in reducing mistakes by ensuring that providers create consistent, legible, and comprehensive orders. Additionally, clinical decision support systems that may automatically check for drug combinations, pharmaceutical allergies, and other possible issues are frequently included in CPOE technology.
  • CPOE can assist your medical centre to deliver laboratory, medicine, and radiology orders to labs, pharmacies, and radiology facilities more quickly, saving time and enhancing efficiency by enabling physicians to input orders electronically.
  • Enhance reimbursements: Some orders demand prior insurance plan approval. By integrating CPOE with an electronic practice management system, you may identify orders that need prior approval, which can help you lower the number of insurance claims that are rejected.

In a nutshell, CPOE is safer and more effective for both patients and physicians.