CIO Views – The 10 Influential CEOs with an Inspiring Story 2020


Malaysian government’s efforts in promoting the era of medical tourism in the country has made healthcare organization look for the best solution that help them manage their organization competitiveness and efficiency. Among these, a few healthcare providers have succeeded while many have failed as their solutions were not innovative enough. But a visionary business leader with decades of experience in business software application and solutions realized sooner what would future hold for EMR and overall healthcare sector in the country. The trailblazing innovator leading the EMR revolution in Malaysia is Kenneth Kee, CEO of Origin Integrated Studios. He set out to create ground breaking products with a team of expert software developers. What was started with a request from a local healthcare provider to deliver a state-of-the-art comprehensive EMR solution has today turned into one of the fastest growing Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status software development and solutions companies committed to creating innovative and creative solutions for Malaysia and its region.