APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Healthcare Technology Solution Providers 2018


As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, healthcare organizations are seeking innovative solutions to aggregate all health information and derive value from it. Amidst the growing competition in the Malaysian region, healthcare organizations are on the lookout for the best solution that will help them to manage the huge volume of medical data, maintain a consistent cost-to-profit ratio, and reduce the risk of clinical and operational errors. Observing the rising issues in the Malaysian healthcare space, Angust Gan, a passionate software developer and entrepreneur developed a plan to help the healthcare industry improve the quality of care by laying the cornerstone of Origin Integrated Studios. Bringing a decade of deep expertise in developing software for a variety of sectors, from banking to healthcare, Angust along with his proficient software development team set out to create groundbreaking products that include hospital information system (HIS) and electronic medical records (EMR). Today, Origin Integrated Studios is proud to serve more than 10 hospitals with over 2,000 beds and 500 doctors/specialists, supporting more than 5,000 application users in and around Malaysia.